As a 3 time winner of the Top-Choice award, Metropolitan Movers is always looking for new ways to raise the service standards within the relocation industry. In 2014, as our VP of Sales joined one of our crews in moving a senior lady to a retirement home, he recognized the need to develop a tailor-made practice for those who move into such communities. Since then, we introduced a very successful project with few of the leading senior care communities.

Services we offer

  • On-site Estimate — Performed by a regional manager, an On-Site estimate assures, more than anything, the proper planning of the project. Together with the client we will agree on what will be moved, stored, donated, etc., diminishing the “unknown” aspects of the move and enabling us to accurately estimate the project length and to properly prepare.
  • Floor planning — the floor planning starts at the On-Site estimation prior to the move, the regional manager plans with the guest item by item and assures all the items fits in the suite and what would be the location in the suite. After creating a detailed floor plan, the crew can organize the suite according to the guest’s wishes, allowing the guest to immediately feel at home.
  • Storage — Long and short term storage solutions, with or without climate control.
  • Removal services — Removal of items that the guest has no use for by donating or transporting to a proper city recycling yards.
  • Installation — The crew will install washer/dryers, hang pictures, and assemble furniture according to the guest’s floor plan instruction.

Moving to a senior living has a unique approach for a couple reasons:

  • The move is often done from a bigger space to a smaller one
  • Coordination with the drop-off location is needed

This means handling with a few more challenges than usual:

  • Making sure to only relocate items that will fit in your new suit’s measurements
  • Avoiding to relocate more than your suit can fit
  • Deciding what to do with items you have to leave behind: Donating? Selling? Storing? Waiting for the kids to pick up?
  • Arriving to your new home at the best time for you and for the home: In time for lunch/dinner?
  • Booking the elevator
  • Making sure the suit is ready

Addressing these challenges and choosing the right crew for the job will guarantee a wonderful first day at your new home.

Should you choose us as your movers, we will send you one of our certified moving advisors for a free onsite moving consultation. We will take care of your move from packing and labeling to hanging your art on the walls and reassembling your furniture at your new home.

For your convenience, use the following tables to arrange your bigger items for the move


  • Use stickers (same color – we suggest green) to label the items that are moving with you
  • Number the sticker on each item
  • List the items in the same numeric order in table 1
  • Use table 2 to label, number, and list the items you leave behind and don’t forget to mention in “destination”: Storage, donation etc. we recommend to use red stickers
* A large item is a furniture such as a chair or bigger.
* Keep in mind that if you listed over 15 items and you move into a 1 bedroom suit, you might be taking too many items.

We are the expert to help you get started

How to get started? & What to expect from us?

Step 1 — Contact your dedicated moving advisor at 613.604.0357

Step 2 — Your moving consultant will schedule an on-site consultation and plan your move to a tee:

  • Label your furniture by destination according to your suit’s floor plan
  • Schedule storage, donation drop off, recycling and garbage disposal if needed
  • Coordinating your arrival at the most convenient time to all parties
  • Organizing your new hope according to your requirements: furniture location, display of art work, and more.

Step 3 — Enjoying your new home